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AC/ DC Refrigerators FAQ

How should I connect my DC refrigerator??

Connect the refrigerator directly to the battery. No other switches, lead wires, or electrical equipment should share the wiring between the refrigerator and battery.

When AC and DC power are both supplied on a refrigerator what mode will the refrigerator operate on??

When both power sources are supplied to the refrigerator it defaults to AC power. When the refrigerator is disconnected from shoreline power and AC is no longer available the refrigerator switches to DC operation.

Can I connect my AC/ DC refrigerator to a battery charger or converter??

Do not use a converter or battery charger to supply the DC power directly to the unit because these two devices do not supply filtered DC power.

How soon can I load my refrigerator with food once I start it up??

On initial start-up, allow the refrigerator to cool for 8-12 hours on the coldest temperature setting before loading it with food. Warm foods, high ambient temperatures, and frequent door openings will increase the cooldown time. Do not cover the shelves with plastic, paper, etc. If the unit does not start to cool after two hours, contact your dealer or a Norcold authorized service center.

How level must the refrigerator be??

Our AC/DC refrigerators (both Built-ins and Portable) will operate at angles of up to 30 degrees off level in both planes.

What maintenance should be performed on my refrigerator and how often??

Your refrigerator will give you years of trouble-free service if you do the following simple checks every three to six months. Refer to the operator’s guide provided with your refrigerator for more details:

Care Checklist:

  • Keep the food compartment and the freezer clean. See “Cleaning.”
  • Defrost the refrigerator as necessary. See “Defrosting.”
  • Make sure the door seals correctly. See “Door Sealing.”
  • Be aware of any cooling changes that are not because of weather, loading, or thermostat changes. If changes occur, contact your dealer or service center.
  • Make sure the air flow in the lower intake vent, through the refrigerator condenser and coils and out the upper exhaust vent is not blocked or decreased.
  • Make sure the area behind the refrigerator is clear. Do not use the area behind the refrigerator for storage of any combustible materials, especially gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids.
What should I do if the door on my refrigerator is not sealing properly and I am getting excess frost??

Close the door on a piece of paper that is about the size of a dollar bill and gently pull the paper. You should feel a slight drag between the gasket and the cabinet. This should be done on all four sides of the door. If you do not feel a slight drag on the paper, the door is not sealing properly. Have your dealer or an authorized Norcold Service Center correct the seal of the door.

What should I do if the refrigerator does not cool correctly??

Follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the power switch/thermostat is not in the OFF position.
  • Make sure that the refrigerator is correctly installed and that the vents are not blocked.
  • Make sure that the power source to the refrigerator is serviceable.
  • Make sure that the fuse or circuit breaker is intact (See “Over current protection system” section).
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature is not unusually high (more than 110 degrees F. / 43 degrees C.) (See “Overheating shut-off device operation” section).
  • Make sure the door is closed.
  • If the weather is hot, make sure that the door is sealing correctly.
  • Make sure that the air circulation inside the refrigerator is not decreased by foods or by shelves that are covered with plastic, paper, etc.
  • Make sure that hot foods were not placed in the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator.
  • Make sure that the freezer is defrosted.

After you make these checks, if the refrigerator does not operate, contact your dealer or an authorized Norcold Service Center.

Why is an intermittent beeping alarm tone sounding off??

Operating the refrigerator in high ambient temps can overheat the cooling unit and cause premature failure of the compressor. To protect the cooling unit from overheating, the refrigerator will automatically shut-off when the vehicle air temperature is higher than 110 degrees F. If shut-off occurs, an audible alarm tone operates from the refrigerator. To stop the alarm and restart the refrigerator, turn the thermostat counterclockwise to the “OFF” position and then clockwise to the desired thermostat position. The refrigerator will not restart until the air temperature is lower than 110 degrees F.

My refrigerator will not operate and the green power light does not come on??

Your refrigerator has an overcurrent protection system in the electronic circuit to prevent damage to the inverter which may occur due to a reverse polarity connection. You need to check the fuse, which is located in-line with the DC connector, and the polarity of the DC power supply.

If the refrigerator still does not operate, another problem can exist in the inverter. Have an authorized Norcold Service Center check the refrigerator.

Where should I install my AC/ DC refrigerator??

The refrigerator should be installed only on a solid surface in the vehicle. Do not install in an area where excessive vibration and movement may take place.

Will it hurt my portable refrigerator if it happens to get splashed with water??

Avoid placing your refrigerator in an area where it could be accidentally splashed or sprayed with water that could enter the electrical compartment of the refrigerator.

When using a portable refrigerator in an enclosed space such as an RV basement, how much space is needed for ventilation around the compressor compartment??

Make sure there are at least 3 inches of clearance on all three sides of the compressor compartment and at least 48 square inches of ventilation area above the compressor compartment.

How do I defrost my portable refrigerator??

Turn the thermostat control to OFF. Remove all food from the refrigerator. Put dry towels inside the refrigerator to absorb excess water. Remove the wet towels and dry the inside of the refrigerator. Turn the thermostat control to the desired setting. Put food back in the refrigerator.

How do I purchase replacement parts??

You may purchase replacement parts through your dealer or authorized Norcold service center.

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