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On Norcold Products

I am a refrigeration tech. at a hospital and had a request to fix a Norcold portable refrigerator. It is VERY old, yet still works very well…it was very well engineered and had a versatile voltage range. I am sold on your product by the mere servicing of a unit brought to me…

We are planning a 2-week outing and look forward to carrying a Norcold with us! 

M. Ferrell
Via e-mail

On Customer Service

I would just like to say your customer support personnel are very helpful and I want to thank you for the support they provided me.

F. O’Connor
Via e-mail

I am writing this letter to commend one of your service representatives… I have owned numerous Norcold refrigerators in both RV’s and boats and have had prior dealings…regarding replacement parts…and I can say that I have always been satisfied with the service

C. T.
Novato, Calif.

On the Thetford and Norcold Web Sites

…this site gives me confidence in your company. Having parts and service information so easily available is a great convenience. …I will also consider Norcold products in the future.

T. Swell
Via e-mail

My compliments on your EXCELLENT Web site! If all manufacturers’ sites had the quality, content, and functionality of yours, the Internet truly would be THE place for product and product repair information.

Congratulations and thank you for caring.

D. Miller
Via e-mail

What a great page! The ability to point and click on the illustrated parts breakdown is really neat. I also liked the way the page worked. Top notch!

J. Halford
Via e-mail